The best link building strategies all have to do with common sense for the most part. People are always on the lookout for web pages that feature far more information and a lot of external links that will lead them to other like-minded pages to air in their search for information. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the best link building strategies circle finding the proper amount of sites that are ranked in the same area as your site. You couple this with the fact that there are close to one trillion websites currently in operation on the internet and you have unlimited potential for success. The success all depends on how well you build the links, and you are exchanging. With this in hand, you will have little trouble maintaining a high profile in the arena of the SEO websites that are in operation.


The best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts can guide and assist you in link building strategies that will increase your website’s visibility on the internet. Here are the best Link Building Strategies for SEO in 2018.

Links from Multiple Domains

-While your link building strategies should focus on volume, your plan should not be to get most links from a single site. Instead, work towards just a few links from many sites for best results.

-As search engines rank sites, they consider how relevant the content is to the keywords and search terms. When you get links from multiple domains, you demonstrate that many sources find your content useful.

-This is critically important when you develop additional backlinks from authoritative domains.

Deep (Ingrained) Links

-Instead of directing links to your site’s main page, use links directly to specific pages of content or images. These are known as deep or ingrained links, and they show that you have valuable information throughout your site, not just isolated on the home page.

-Using deep or ingrained links adds to your ability to use relevant keywords for greater ranking in search engine results. You can spread these words throughout your site as appropriate, which will ensure a user-friendly overall appearance.

Links to Local Sites

-If your link building strategies don’t include neighboring customers, you are missing out on a large opportunity. It is exciting to develop international backlinks, but it is the locals that will keep you in business.

-Obtaining official links from local sources is far easier than from national or internationally renowned experts. Nearby specialists enjoy building their communities by working with neighboring businesses. SEO rankings will climb when you include local authorities such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau for your state. Consider local organizations, libraries, museums, and similar as well as your local government agencies. Directories like and are also excellent options. You might have to pay a fee for the service, but this tends to be very low. Some of those you approach will jump at the chance for a quid pro quo linking relationship.

Links to Authoritative Domains

-Sites classified as authoritative on a subject are those that offer expertise in a given industry or specific field. For example, has extensive, reliable, and accurate information on events relevant to New York. Its strong reputation as a source of specialized knowledge lends it the authority on New York news.

-Link building strategies that include government and university websites lead to high ratings, as these are accepted as authorities on their subject matter. domains can easily recognize them, for example, IRS and California State University (DH).
-Authoritative domain links lead visitors to extensive amounts of quality, well-researched information, and they often contain additional links that point to the right sources for further exploration.
Linking through Anchor Text.

-The strongest and most popular tool available today is connecting through anchor text. For best SEO ranking results, be sure to make this part of your link building strategies.

-They work by turning your text into hyperlinks, so as readers go along, they can click on an interesting keyword. The link directs them to the page you specify, which makes your keywords even stronger, improving your site’s final ranking.

Grow Your Rankings with an SEO Expert Today

Higher rankings mean higher traffic to your site, which results in more business for you. Don’t delay in designing and implementing your link building strategies. Begin with the five ideas listed here, and consider a professional SEO expert for even greater success.

Link Building Basics for better search engine rankings:

1. Link mix – in the initial days, directory submission is the best way to get some good quality incoming links. When you would get some page rank, you may go for reciprocal linking, ‘three-way,’ ‘four-way’ or ‘n-way’ link building. However, most important point to note is that you must create a mixture of different links. If you follow this method, search engines will not be able to detect any pattern, and you will get the full value of the links. You can also create one or two additional websites or blogs to support the link building strategy for the main site.
2. Anchor text – it is important to have targeted keywords in the anchor text. But if all the incoming links contain similar anchor text, search engines may detect a pattern, and you will not get the maximum value. You should go for some non-commercial anchor texts (like, click, here, click here, etc.) with related content around the link. You can also try to dilute the keyword density in the anchor text by adding other words. For example, if your keyword is Florida Website Marketing, you can try something like ‘Florida-based website marketing company’ or ‘Florida website marketing solutions.’

3. Linked From and linked to – Get links from related sites only with different C-Class IP addresses. Do not get links from or link to porn or other similar sites unless you are one of them. Do not get links from same locations; for example, too much of footer links or links from sidebar or site wide links are not too good. You should also try to get links for the internal pages.

4. Manual Link Building – Do not use any automated software to submit or get links. You should always do it manually and spread the link building activity over a longer period.

5.Go easy – do not go for thousand links on a single day – gradually increase the number of incoming links from day 1. Otherwise, search engines may get a negative feeling about your site.

6.No paid linking – for last few months, Google has become strict about paid linking, and there are no signs that they will stop fighting against paid linking. However, there had been a lot of debates regarding their position about paid linking. They are not ready to allow paid linking even if you are getting them as advertisements. However, it is better to avoid paid linking to keep yourself in a secured position. Even if you go for paid linking, do not keep any footprint around.

The best link building strategies all begin with the website itself. If you can manage to understand how the back links work then you are much better off. For instance, if you own a site that is pro-life in nature and you are wanting to start building links would you turn to the pro-abortion websites to try and build a relationship? Of course not, that would be out of the question as the two sites are offering conflicting views on the same issue. But you would be surprised how many websites are willing to trade links with other sites that have no bearing or conflicting views just to build the size of their backlinks. It is not the size that matters, but more about the quality of the links. This is why the best link building strategies are always centered around finding relevant websites to trade links with, to offer the most for both of the parties involved.

The best link building strategies also encompass using the best in all of the link building areas on the web. There are hundreds of websites that now specialize in link building and trading. Using the systems that they have in place, you can easily trade links with other websites without having to spend a lot of time sending messages to other webmasters and hoping that you get a return. Always use the common sense that you have when looking into link building as it can save you a lot of time and headaches down the road.

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